Canadian Copper’s projects are situated within the Bathurst Mining Camp in New Brunswick, Canada, approximately 40 kilometers southwest of Bathurst and roughly 90 kilometers from Miramichi.

This renowned mining region boasts a rich history and is distinguished by its modern infrastructure, including well-maintained roads, an extensive highway network, railways, and a deep-water port, all of which contribute to the seamless advancement of our development projects.

Access to the properties is facilitated by a network of historical mine roads and logging access routes, ensuring efficient transportation and logistics. The province of New Brunswick offers a well-established regulatory framework, providing clarity and support for project development. Additionally, the region benefits from a skilled local workforce and ongoing regulatory support, fostering a conducive environment for responsible mining practices.

With its favorable topography and strategic location, the Bathurst Mining Camp presents an ideal setting for cost-effective pit development and optimized operations.

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